Thursday, February 20, 2014

Workout, Schmurkout

As everyone knows who has been around me for even a tiny bit of time, I love to run. Love. it. I pay money to run (which confuses my poor husband, who doesn't understand the lure of the race... he just sees it as paying money for something I do for free most of the time.)

I will tell you what though. Lately, it just isn't going so well.

And by "not well," I mean, I am not only riding the struggle bus, not even DRIVING the struggle bus, I am the bug on the windshield of the struggle bus, baked on by the sun and won't come off even with the windshield wipers going full-blast and the misters used repeatedly.


That's me.

I have this knee thing - tendonitis, it looks like, that had me down in December, so much so that I pulled out of a race, and took some time off (ok, well, that and the fact that Christmas happened.) I started going to PT, and thought it was getting better.

Not so much the last two weeks though.

I had PT again yesterday, and we did our thing, and then I went to run after PT. Laurel, who is not only my physical therapist but also my friend - yea(?) for friends who see you in your underwear, anyway, she's given me the "ok" to run, so I do. Since I was sore running the day before, I decided to run on the Santa Fe trail, which is much softer than the concrete sidewalks around here.

Apparently, my knee is impervious to the red dirt softness of the trail. Sore. Every. darn. step. Not like "holy moly I'm ripping something" pain, but just enough to not let me zone out and log the miles.

As if all of that weren't enough, I'm sure it doesn't help that there are definitely some Christmas cookies still hanging around on my body, and darn if we don't have multiple boxes of Girl Scout treats at home. (Read: I ALWAYS want a cookie. I could have eaten 4 hours straight at the Bellagio buffet in Vegas, and I would still want a cookie if you offered one to me. I have no self-control.)

So today, I decide that I need to build some muscle to help support that knee. I've been going to "beginning spin" class, and thought, "Hey, time to step it up to intermediate spin class. That helps build muscle, and is low-impact!" The class on Thursdays is a video, and not a live instructor. I've been once before, and it was ok, so I went.

I was the only one there.

Ok, so I put in a video, get on the bike, and start going.



The video instructor kept saying "today, we're going to help you climb your own Mount Everest."

I may have actually done that.

I can't believe I did this to myself.

I can't believe I did this to myself and I wasn't trying to keep up with anyone else in the room, cause, oh yea, I was (again) BY MYSELF.

I literally dripped sweat off my face during the 40 minute workout, and made a PUDDLE on the bike (thank goodness there are disinfectant wipes.)

30 minutes after I was done, I thought I was going to be sick.

I really, never, EVER want to puke at work.

Fortunately, I didn't.

But I might be dead.

Maybe I'll just stick with the running...

I really want a cookie right now.

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