Sunday, February 9, 2014

Negative 17

Remember when I was all bedazzled about the beautiful, gorgeous winter weather in Colorado (read: last weekend?)

Yea, so the bottom dropped out of the weather this last week.

Tuesday night, it was -5 when I went to bed.

Wednesday morning, it was -16 when I left the house. The wind chill was something in the negative high 20's.

Despite having both cabinet doors and the dishwasher door open, the kitchen sink pipe froze after I left the house for work. Eric turned the heat up to 75 sweltering degrees in the house, put a space heater under the cabinets, and shut the doors, which resulted in 90+ degrees under the sink.

It was -17 when I left for work Thursday morning. The pipe was still frozen.

Thursday night, we moved the space heater to the basement, and propped it up on a ladder, right near the ceiling. At 10:30pm, it finally thawed. We're very glad the pipe didn't split.

Time to open up the drywall and add some insulation.

However, we still just call this "winter" in Colorado. No polar vortex. No snowpocalypse. Just winter. No reason to panic...

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