Thursday, May 28, 2015

Build an Ark

It is the wettest May on RECORD here. Seriously, it rains like... well, like we are still living on Woodstream Drive in Indiana. It has rained nearly every day for the entire month. Lots. The trout pond in the meadow is now double the size it was dug out to be. The grass is super-long, but its too sodden to mow. As I type, it is pouring out, and... yep, add some pea-sized hail to that mix.

Good thing this house has two sump pumps, right? Even better, when they were rehabbing the basement after the unfortunate incident down there, they actually replaced the sump pumps as well.

Friday evening, we were sitting in the living room, watching television, when I pulled an Aunt Bethany.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Who are YOUR Neighbors?

Right after we moved in, Eric purchased a wildlife camera. This camera takes photos when it senses movement. As it turns out, our neighbors are not only nosy, they have an extreme sense on entitlement - they just walk all over the property! Check out the culprits:


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adventures with Subi, or HailNo in Texas

As you know, we spent Mother's Day weekend in Texas. We decided to drive, and we took off a bit early so we (read: Eric) could do some storm chasing on the way down (and I could nap in the car, wake up and look at clouds.)

Driving there also means driving back. We were on a timeline for driving back, since we both needed to be at work. We followed the GPS, and it (and the Waze app) both indicated that a slightly different route back to Colorado than we had taken out would be the fastest and most efficient. This involved a number of secondary roads, but in Texas, you can still drive highway speeds on them. So, no worries.

Until we came to a dead stop on a two lane road in the middle of nowhere, two miles outside the bustling metropolis of Channing, Texas. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

NOT the Mama

Today is Mother's Day (you'll have to take my word for it, since this post won't actually go up today.) We are in Texas (hence why I'm not posting today - never publicize you are out of town, even if the house you live in isn't your own.) Today, the cutest, smartest baby in Dallas was baptized and Eric and I are the godparents. We kind of lucked out getting the cutest AND the smartest, huh? Tess, the aforementioned future star of the universe, is my sister Colleen and brother-in-law Matt's daughter.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Weird Woods

We live in the woods for right now. I totally dig it. In some ways, I feel like my whole life has prepped me to take this on (even though I know it's temporary, which is ok, because as a social worker, I would never be able to afford to live in a half million dollar home.) We live down the street from a Christian camp - Colleen and I both went to camp as kids. We have a well and a septic - my parents' house AND cottage both are on wells and septics (and my parents have a hot tub as a bonus kicker, so I actually know how to test pH). Not to mention that one time my parents septic backed up into the yard...

Even the pine trees around here remind me of the pine trees at the cottage. Granted, the mule deer are much bigger than the white-tail at the cottage, and the basement flooded and not the yard, but there are similarities.