Monday, May 16, 2016

Something About the Month of May

Four years ago today, we announced on Facebook that we were moving to Colorado, and that our house was for sale. It was on the market for all of 6 days, and we went under contract, by owner to owners with no agent of their own. It was the final confirmation we needed that Colorado was our future home, and that Compassion was my future job. Two weeks later, my Honda Civic and I made the solo journey across the country, and I started at an organization we had fallen in love with years earlier through Jane Wangui, our first sponsored child from Kenya.

Basically this is happening right now.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Packing and Preparing

We are 11 days out from being finished with House 6. We hit the tipping point this weekend where our d├ęcor went from "mostly intact" to "yea, they're moving," which means its now totally normal to have lawn bags sitting on the counter, a bucket with a plunger and rubber gloves in the middle of the floor, and mouthwash sitting on the staircase. All of the beds except the one we sleep on have been taken apart and the bedding packed. We took a load of stuff to the storage unit today and rearranged everything, and, because we are now Tetris wizards, we got a bunch more in there with more room for additional things.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Race Report: Race to the Shrine 10K

I know, you're thinking: another weekend, another race. This is getting boring.

Well, to that I say both "no it's not!" and "well, that's my life right now!"

Actually, this is the last race for a couple of weeks. And it was a good one!

The Race to the Shrine 10K (and its 5K component) is a fundraiser for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Now, a number of you know my tenuous relationship with zoos at best, including this one (exhibits are too small, in my opinion). However, it's also one heck of a race, and I've considered it for a couple years now.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Race Report: Second Chances 5K

Today's post is an exercise in questionable choices.

A while back, Eric was contacted by one of his strategic partners, Prison Fellowship. They were hosting a 5K fundraiser in Colorado Springs in support of their Second Prison Project, which seeks to raise awareness of difficulty prisoners have post-incarceration in finding gainful employment, and being accepted back into society, which contributes to recidivism. This was to be their inaugural event, and one of Eric's contacts at PF was flying in from Washington DC to be there. So we said we would participate.

Then I forgot about it and said I would participate in the Climb4Change. Then I forgot about that... and I ended up registering for both last week when I got my head out of my rear and remembered my commitments.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Race (?) Report: Climb4Change Power Hour

This morning was a race like I've never done before. I've done relays, short races, long races... but they all have a defined length. This race was different.

That's me, coming down.

Friday, May 6, 2016

This Time, For Real, Buy My Stuff!

We have to get on a plane the night of May 26. By May 26, we need to be packed up, not just for the trip, but for everything.

There is stuff I do not want to pack. Or move. Or see again.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Matter of Time

You know, it's really time to move on from a house once you start remembering where you keep the super glue.

In this house, the super glue is in the box marked "kitchen desk." Eric needed it last Friday, the night after I had dreams about snow white owls craning their heads around to look at me.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Race Report: Greenland Trail 8 Mile

Full disclosure: I originally signed up for the 25K. I thought this would be the perfect race to up my game from 1/2 marathon. However, given the number of times we have moved this winter, and just general non-prioritization, I was totally not ready for that. So I dropped to the 8 mile the week before the race.