Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Matter of Time

You know, it's really time to move on from a house once you start remembering where you keep the super glue.

In this house, the super glue is in the box marked "kitchen desk." Eric needed it last Friday, the night after I had dreams about snow white owls craning their heads around to look at me.

You know what's coming by now. It was only a matter of time. As I have mentioned continuously since we moved in here, there is nothing wrong with this house.

We didn't say anything right away since, well, this isn't this houses first rodeo. However, the inspection was Monday and it looks like things went well.

We aren't sure who is buying the house, but we have it down to two couples. About 2 weeks ago, there was a couple and their realtor that scheduled a showing at 10:30am. This worked really well since I was at work and Eric had several appointments that day. Eric came home at 1:30... to find this couple still in the house. Thinking that they MUST be leaving soon, Eric waited on the street. An hour later, Eric was taking a conference call from his car because they were STILL on the property... sitting on the back deck hanging out. They may have cracked one of our beers. For sure, they used the half bath and ran out of toilet paper (at least they didn't lay on our bed!)

The other potential buyers are the couple that scheduled for 6:30pm last Tuesday. Eric was out on his first chase of the year, and I had decided that I would climb the Incline (not the time I donated skin to the cause) after work while they looked. I figured I would get home around 8pm, and that would give them enough time so that even if they ran over the hour they reserved, I wouldn't be around.


I got home a little after 8pm, sweaty and disgusting. However, since it was Tuesday, I had to take the garbage out before I could take care of business. And thank goodness I did, because the realtor and the couple showed up just as I was dragging the recycling to the curb. Over 2 hours late... he's in medicine, and got "stuck in surgery." I know because they said it about 10 times. Anyway, I was polite and after a bit of a shock, and explaining that I had just got off the Incline and had really gross stuff inside (seriously. I wore a jacket because I thought it was going to rain. The only rain that happened was inside that jacket) but they could see the house if they gave me a minute. I grabbed my stuff and "went and got some dinner;" translated, drove around until they left, while they "take as long as you need! It's fine!" Eric swears I was too kind and accommodating.

Closing is May 31, the day after Memorial Day. However, we are going to be in Toronto with my cousins for Memorial Day and we aren't rescheduling that, so we're going to be moving a bit early.

Stay tuned to learn where that move will take us. It's a grand adventure, baby, and we are in for this ride!

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