Friday, May 6, 2016

This Time, For Real, Buy My Stuff!

We have to get on a plane the night of May 26. By May 26, we need to be packed up, not just for the trip, but for everything.

There is stuff I do not want to pack. Or move. Or see again.

Not that it's not good stuff. We just aren't using it and likely won't use it. Therefore, this stuff shouldn't continue to follow us around like a lost puppy. A really heavy lost puppy that takes up a lot of room.

You should buy this stuff.

You should tell your friends to buy this stuff.

We don't deliver, but if we know you, you are from out of town, and you want to come pick it up, we will find a place for you to sleep before you get back on your way... possibly on a mattress on the floor depending on how close to moving day you show up.

Seriously. Tell everyone you know that we are selling this stuff.

See the photos below for pricing and descriptions. Additionally, I have two metal filing cabinets for sale that I do not have photos of. They are old, but functional two-drawer cabinets. $10 each or buy both for $15, because that's the kind of person I am.

4-piece blonde wood desk, rolling chair and roller mat.
Desk is 3 pieces that attach, plus a matching half-round bookshelf.
In good condition, great for executive home office. $300 for entire set.

Bottom drawer face panel on one drawer is loose, but otherwise, in good shape.
Feel like a captain of industry in your own home office.
We are selling a large wood end table that we have used in the past as a television stand, side table, and currently as a table for an office printer. It is hard wood, quite heavy, and the sides are solid front-to-back (in other words, no legs - see photo). The top has some damage to the finish and light scratches, but could be refinished. The table is square the top being about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet.
$40 OBO
Top of desk with the finish damage. See, totally deal-able, right?
Everything in this photo is for sale.
Chair and personal ottoman
High quality, carved  hard word and cloth

$100 OBO
Take a load off. Put your feet up.
Selling a blonde finished, heavy-duty composite wood end table. The table has a cabinet below and magazine rack on one side. The veneer on top has two small mars. I suspect you could rough up the finish and paint it or stain it. Otherwise, its in great shape.
$20 OBO
Hmm, kind of looks like the desk
You know, what, buy the desk and I will throw this in!
See, those marks aren't so bad!
We are bar stools. We stay at bars... or kitchens... or wherever.
We're basically the gluttons of the furniture world.
$30/set OBO
Set of 4 wooden bar stools. Originally blond finished, repainted to black semi-gloss. Solid construction, safe to sit on.

We are selling a set of 3 matching rugs.

Largest rug is 5 feet by 7 feet.
2nd rug is 4 foot by 2 foot
3rd rug is 18 inches by 3 foot
All measurements are

Middle size rug has more wear than the other two, but the largest especially is in good shape.

You can't beat $15

Rugs, the solution for cold floors!

Craftsman Style Leather Recliner. Removable Head rest. Arms have some wear with one 2-inch tear in the leather on one arm. Otherwise quite comfortable. Recline in one piece, so your head goes back as your legs come up... othewise known as the "insta-nap."

$80 OBO

Looks very purple in this photo. It's not that purple.
Prince would have been disappointed.

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