Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We are just about one year into attending our church.

A year ago, we walked in to Fox Meadow, after googling the church in the parking lot, and having our expectations about as low as you could get. We hadn't had a "great" church hunting experience so far.

We happened to meet the pastor and his wife. They happened to have gone to college with someone Eric works with.

We got invited to something called Family Dinner.

We went. We kept going. We started hosting. We kept hosting. We joined.

Last weekend, we walked in. We said hello to Tracy. I stopped to talk to Kathy. Eric nipped into the nursery and saw Josie, his year-old girlfriend. We laughed with Adam about something said at B-Dubs the night before.

Laurel made me my name tag.

We didn't expect to find community, certainly not as quickly as we did.

We had our expectations blown away.

Happy church-a-versary, Fox Meadow. Thanks.

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