Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympic Sponsorship

Does anyone else find it really incongruent that McDonald's sponsors the Olympics every year?

Do we really believe that these finely honed athletes, with their dieticians, trainers and coaches, supplement their kale smoothies with a Big Mac? Maybe a large fry before hitting the weight room? End the night with a McFlurry?

The current McDo commercial shows athletes biting their medals on the winners' podiums, then cutting to a group of fit(ish) looking spectators, watching the games on TV and diving into some nuggets.

Couch potatoes and a McChicken? Sure. Sochi participants? I don't think so.


Notice who former Olympic athletes shill for?


Just don't get me started on that disgusting new sandwich they are promoting, something sticky with corn chips on it, and a horrible theme song to go with it...

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