Monday, February 3, 2014

One Foot Weekend

Fox Run - see the ski tracks?
All my Michigan friends can laugh, but we had ONE FOOT of snow this weekend!

I know, the Midwest is digging out from multiple feet of snow, and arctic temperatures, but this just doesn't happen very often in Jan/Feb in Colorado. Most of the snow Colorado receives comes later into the spring (last spring we had six Saturdays in a row of blizzards.)

Enter the Pineapple Express.

Seriously, it's called the Pineapple Express! A dip in the Jet Stream results in pushing moist air over the Rockies from California, bringing snow to Colorado in January and February.

The Pineapple Express made a stop at my house.

It's so happy!

Garden of the Gods

I skied Friday night before Eric got home from Chicago.

We rented snowshoes from REI on Saturday ($15 for a pair, and they let us keep them until today!)

Garden of the Gods
We snowshoed Garden of the Gods on Saturday. It was cloudy and cold, and was snowing, but we didn't mind and neither did the big horn sheep.

Pike National Forest
Eric and the Monument
Sunday, after church and before the Super Bowl, we snowshoed to "The Monument" (the big rock the town of Monument is named for.) It was sunny, 37 and just gorgeous.

Not really sure when I became that woman who talks about the weather all the time?

Eh, who cares, I got to snowshoe and ski!!!!

We're supposed to get MORE snow tonight.


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