Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Dancing

Watching just a bit of Ice Dancing this evening. I'm not a huge fan of ice dancing - it seems like the cheap version of figure skating, not that I can do what they do. However, I failed to realize that Eric apparently has an absolute horror of ice dancing. Can't. Stand. It. Here are some of the things that have been said, just in the last few minutes:

Eric: This is NOT a spot.

Me: Doesn't that hurt, with her skate on his <Eric interrupts>
Eric: She should stand on his head.

Me: A twizzle? Seriously, that's a thing?

Announcer: Come on Tom, you gotta love it!
Eric: No I don't. And I don't.

Eric: <watching Russian ice dancer cry>: She's faking it.

So, I'm thinking that if there's anything else left in the Olympics that is on ice and is NOT hockey, I will be watching it alone, or not at all.

2/18/14 Update: Apparently, we weren't the only ones less than impressed with ice dancing:

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