Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Do What You Gotta Do

70 days. Thursday marks 70 days of working from home. One of these weeks, I thought to myself "I don't think I could work from home full-time," and then had to remind myself that what we are doing now is NOT working from home. Working from home means you do things like set up a fully functioning home office, that you can go out and see people after work, and that you have choice in all that. This is something else entirely.

There are upsides, of course. I see my husband all the time. I haven't had to shave my legs, which is nice. Until today, I gone exclusively to sports bra wearing as far as foundation garments go. That changed today.

I did not like it, no not one bit.

The reason, of course, for the restrictive undergarments, as well as curled hair and (gasp) makeup, was that I had to shoot a video for work in advance of some training one of our offices is doing remotely. It was a bit of a last minute request on a specific topic, so I hustled out a script...

And realized that Eric had taken off again this morning with all of our camera equipment to chase storms in Wyoming.

That left me trying to figure out an appropriate background, lighting and place where sound wouldn't bounce off high walls. Using Zoom and my laptop's webcam.

I wandered around the house, and about the only place I could find... was the back wall of our bedroom, behind our bed.
What they saw

Obviously, I can't include a BED in a work video - that would get you fired even if you weren't in charge of protecting children. I also do not have a tripod, since they are both in HailNo.

So I made other arrangements. 

From the neck up, I was all professional, but like John Krasinski, I was totally wearing shorts out of sight of the camera (it was 82 here today).

I also had my laptop balancing on our nightstand, which was balancing on our mattress as I stood on my knees in front of the camera, reading off a free teleprompter app I found online, and recording to Zoom.

It took six takes on my knees to get it right. Its the best I could do sans recording studio and short notice.

My right leg is now completely asleep and I'm a bit concerned it won't wake up. 

But the video got done. 

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