Monday, September 26, 2016

Quotes from This Evening's Debate

Names withheld to protect the... whatevers. And don't even try to guess, because you'd be surprised at who said what.

"You're going to fact-check one side, is that how you're gonna do this?" (After I posted this on Facebook:

"Beer goes down way too smooth during a debate."

"Just took him a few minutes to get ramped up, huh?" "Oy."

7:23pm: "Could you please stop yelling there, Mr. Trump?"

"She's not going to go there with him."
"She may."
"If she's smart, she won't."

5 seconds later... "wow, he's an a$$!"
"He's not going to stop, get used to it."

"I don't remember him being so snively in the primary."
"He was, it just wasn't your candidate then."

7:28pm: I need more wine.

"Wait, I don't know what bragadocious means."

"Two white people talking about race. Lester Holt should be the one talking about this."

"Stop and frisk is a terrible idea. Oh, and the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional."

"Wait, he said 3,000 shootings and 4,000 dead. Can one bullet kill multiple people?"

"District Court Judge, not Supreme Court. I just fact checked it."

"I agree with her, but it's her pandering."

"Oh my, he just called her out for staying home for three days when she had FRICKING PNEUMONIA."

"Ford Motor Company is now fact checking Donald Trump."
"Well, of course. He called them out."

"Somewhere, Mitt Romney is going 'Russia, they are talking about Russia! I told everyone, Russia!"

"Probably didn't need that 400 pound comment in there..."


"When he says, 'it's terrible,' he sounds like my grandmother."

"Both their plans suck. Trump doesn't have one, and Hillary's won't work..."
"Well, ISIS. It's like trying to kill a hydra..."
"A what?"
"A hydra."
"Put that in your notes."

"But you kinda did support the invasion, Trump, you did."

"75 minutes in and we're finally getting to our first Bush blame. That's pretty good."

"Oh my goodness, he's so condescending."
"He's like that to everyone. He's probably like that to his kids."
"I'd hate to be his kids."

"Just so you know, Facebook thinks I'm fair and balanced."
"My suggested post just now is 'Team Trump.'"
"Probably because you Googled one pro-Trump site. The only time in your life you went to a pro-Trump site."

"I missed one fact check along the way if you want to add it to the notes. Bill Clinton created mandatory minimums."

"She's done a good job of not getting flustered at all."

"I would like to note for the record that he's drinking water, not her."
"Because she's been criticized for..."
"Oh yea, when she has a cold, or allergies, she drinks water. Not like pneumonia or anything."

"Oh Trump, you are such a victim."

"That was a nice thing he said at the end."
"Only nice thing he said all night."

"Look how nice they have to be at the end. That's my least favorite part where they go, 'oh how awesome you are' to each other."

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