Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bucket Challenge

We've been talking about this all week.

We were challenged. I was challenged by Amy Hepper, Allan Kucab, Tim Allen and Danielle Allen. Eric was challenged by Tim Allen, Danielle Allen, and Matt Barcalow.

So we did the challenge, out at Painted Mine, which is some crazy geologic formations about 45 minutes east of where we live. We will also be donating $100 to ASL research via (NOT, as I mentioned in my video... opps!)

I think its also important to know about ALS. ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) is a degenerative disease that particularly impacts the neurons in the brain and spinal cord. You start to lose motor function, and there is no cure. It is almost universally fatal. The scariest part? A full 90% of people who are diagnosed with ALS have no family history of the disease. They don't know why people get it, and best prognosis is a life expectancy of 5 years post-diagnosis.

This, like many other illness (AIDS, MS, cancer, etc.) have great potential, through research, to be conquered. We can't rely on governments to fund that research - it takes understanding by the general public and a passion to help. If you aren't interested in donating to ALS, that's ok. Find something to get passionate about, and get involved. Dump a bucket on your head. Jump in a lake. Mentor a kid.

Just DO SOMETHING. Life's to short not to care.

Oh yea.. and Tracie Hepper, John Sellers, and Rebekah Tiefenbach Sellers. I nominate YOU! You have 24 hours...

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