Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Group 1

In 2019 I flew to Detroit, London then on to Amsterdam, Atlanta, San Salvador, Portland, Washington DC, Kampala, New York City, Guatemala City, and Bangkok then on to Auckland. In 2020, I flew to Washington DC, and had flights booked to Dhaka, Cap Haitien, Reykjavik and Detroit that were all cancelled with plans for several others that never got booked in the first place.

I miss travel, but I didn't realize...

United Airlines also misses me. 

This arrived in the mail today.

I may have to read it later while Eric serves me red wine in a tiny plastic glass, bangs my knees repeatedly in an effort to get by my seat, and walks by spraying "totally safe" disinfectant into the air while not allowing me to leave or even stand up. You know, just for nostalgia's sake.

 (Ok, so its likely that United misses the money that got me to Platinum status last year, but still.) 

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