Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Letters from Kids

Since the beginning of quarantine, which will be 7 weeks tomorrow (which, in normal time, is 49 days, but in lockdown is the equivalent of approximately 2 ice ages), I have been sending cards and letters to some of the small people in our life. I thought it might be fun for kids to get some mail while they are home more than not.

So I sent out letters with stickers. Then I made Easter cards from construction paper and sent those. Then a couple weeks later, I sent out another round of letters.

And the response has been fun.

I received a photo of one of my little friends with her sticker. I got a thank you set from a set of twins. I got to see another set of twins on Zoom who followed up on my questions about their Spanish language learning by telling me (en Espanol) that their favorite animal was a tiger because tigers like meat and they like meat. It was about all I could do to not cry with laughter (meat?!?)

But the not one, but two envelopes back in the mail today might actually be the best.

We had an envelope from a trio. One note, from our little friend Cora, who we actually haven't seen since she was stroller-sized, which said, "Thank you for the letter. How are you? I'm wonderful. Goodbye." Yes, Cora, you are wonderful indeed. Both her brothers also wrote. Thomas noted "Thank you very much for your kind letter. It was comforting." Be still my heart. Oldest brother Henry wrote quite the response, including questions back to us, and this "Thank you for the letter. It's so nice to know that someone care for you." Nothing has ever been truer, Henry.

I also had a wonderful letter from a not-so-little, 13-year-old Grace, who's perfect penmanship makes me embarrassed that I ever wrote her in the first place. I sent her this sticker, because this kid is amazing. I mean, how many 13-year-olds do you know that have a black belt, and I DON'T mean a fashion accessory? She thanked us for the sticker, and noted "it makes me realize how strong I can be." I seriously don't think she needs us to tell her how strong she can be - this kid can be as strong as she wants to be, and already is mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually top notch.

Our friends have amazing kids.

I have to get writing.

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