Thursday, April 23, 2020

Day 42

Today marks the end of the 6th week of quarantine, day 42. Forty-Two by, the way, being the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything."

I may be getting a little frayed, and am definitely a little furry around the edges.
Newest round of letters to kids, out today. Because kids
should get mail when they are stuck at home.

I love, love LOVE my husband, and enjoy spending time with him. We've gotten along great, just he and I in this house. We have worked our full day jobs, cleaned everything multiple times, cooked, watched movies, exercised, sent several rounds of cards and letters to small people, gone in the hot tub, did some yard work when it wasn't snowing, watched the entire season of Love is Blind (firmly testing the limits of my ability to tolerate "reality tv"), cried over Daniel Tiger in the Mr. Rodgers movie (d@#n you Hanks), celebrated Easter and my birthday (thank you again to all who attended my online surprise party!), clearly read magazines, finished some books, listened to audio-books, walked the neighborhood, and still have not completed the bathroom (the mortar is now arriving next week. Home Depot refunded the shipping).

But it would be nice to have, like, in-person contact with someone else too. Zoom just isn't quite the same.

I've resorted to talking to animals like some sort of demented Snow White.

Yesterday, we went on a walk and found a bunny. I tried to make friends with it. It wasn't interested.

Today, a young deer took two steps toward me while I was out running and I kid you not, I came to a dead halt hoping it would approach me. Turns out it just wanted better footing to get to some grass.

Two days ago, we learned that even though Colorado is slowly easing our "stay at home" order, if you can work from home you need to continue working from home, and my organization has rightly affirmed this, meaning I won't be seeing the office anytime soon.

Yesterday, we came to the final decision that we needed to cancel our booking to Iceland for this summer. We had until the 30th to cancel without penalty, but it turns out that Air Canada had already jettisoned the route between Montreal and Reykjavik. I guess we couldn't have gotten the anyway.

Today, I read that Colorado has basically closed all forest service and BLM land for camping, so there's no Memorial Day trip in our future.

Maybe that will give me enough time to set up a book club with all the does around here.

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