Thursday, November 3, 2016


So, I just finished reading an article by someone from Texas. And when I mean "read an article," I mean that in my head, I am hearing what I think is the sound of the author's voice in my head, in their own accent or dialect, reading to me. That doesn't happen all the time, but often, when I  read something written in first person, that's what my brain does.

So now I have a Texas accent stuck in my head, because accents from the southern-part of the US are like earworms for me.

Which means, my next sentence should be read with a Texas accent.

It is freaking NOVEMBER, y'all!

How in the hey diddly heck did that happen?

Ok, enough Texas. How about another part of the country?

Like New York, which is where we were last week. Eric rocked it out speaking at the Movement Day conference there, and I acted like queen of my own tiny universe, on vacation and doing basically whatever I wanted while taking advantage of the company-sponsored hotel room in Times Square. Summary: what I wanted to do was run. A lot. So I did. I'll go into the details in a future post, but I ran and ate and ran and saw Eric just be this totally awesome speaker. Here are some photos, because, why not?

It is November after all (how did that happen???)

I ran here (Central Park)

Eric presenting at Movement Day
(I ran by here, then cleaned up so I wouldn't be the
smelly kid, then walked back and listened).

Wait for it...
I ran here too (Battery Park overlooking Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of

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