Monday, November 7, 2016

Exercising our Constitutional Rights and the 19th Amendment

In the end, voting in our house was a much calmer affair than one might assume. Last night, we sat down with our ballots and a beer, and went through the process together.

We didn't vote the same way in a lot of races, but were quite similar on most other measures. (No, I won't be sharing which way we voted, although you can probably make some safe assumptions on my part.)

We had sat at the kitchen table a couple of weeks ago and poured through voter guides on the multiple ballot initiatives and state constitutional amendments, but there were so many, and they are written in such a convoluted manner, that I read each out loud. We talked through them, what each phase meant, and filled in the representative circles.

I told Eric he was hot and he was voting, and
that the combination was
intoxicatingly awesome.
He called me a poli-sci nerd.
Point taken.

We Googled judges. We Googled county representatives we weren't familiar with. We made sure we knew who we were voting for, and why.

It took 45 minutes.

We put our ballots in the secrecy sleeves, signed our envelopes, and sealed them up. I dropped them in the official ballot box at Happy Hippy-villes' City Hall on my way to work this morning. No one bothered me, although there was a pretty decked out Trump truck parked not far away, with tinted windows such that I couldn't tell if anyone was watching me.

I'm glad we did it this way. The voting booth would have been an especially lonely place for me to be this year.

Tomorrow is the day. Please consider your constitutional rights, especially the hard fought-for 15th and 19th amendments, and complete your ballot.

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