Monday, April 11, 2016

Mischief Managed

As it turns out, after an extremely drama filled week, we're staying in House 6 for a bit longer.

After the call on Thursday afternoon that the house was under contract, we stopped unpacking (the little that was left to unpack). We looked at each other and went, "we can't keep doing this." Frankly, we're tired. Really, really tired. Two moves in a week will make you physically tired, but a solid year of moving, being ready for showings (although, in all reality, we have NOT, in the all the houses we've lived in, had the massive onslaught of showing that the current market in Colorado - 14 in a day, 50 in a weekend - bears), not knowing where we're going next, etc., will wear you out. We've been looking for a house and/or property, as we've mentioned, but haven't found anything yet. So Saturday, we spent most of the day walking properties, looking at houses, and then going from apartment complex to apartment complex to find a less chaotic temporary space (and trust me, I use the phrase "less chaotic" lightly).

Saturday night, the listing agent called. The contract on the house fell through. Note, there is nothing wrong with this house. It's just about a mansion at 5,000 square feet, hardwood floors, granite, etc. Oh, and a hot tub (score!) It's basically the opposite of the House in Town. However, it is in an area with restrictive covenants (you aren't allowed to park in your own driveway overnight), and the buyers weren't happy with that.

But at this point, we'll (temporarily) take the restrictive covenants and the reprieve from moving. This gives us more time in one place (and hopefully a chance for our mail to catch up to us...) and allows us to keep looking for our permanent place. We'll keep our recon info about apartments in our back pocket though!

So, legitimately, and after this experience, in particular, folks are asking "why are you doing this?" It's a lot of work, it's inconvenient, and anyone who knows me knows that I've had more than one meltdown over our living situation ("we can't find ANYWHERE TO LIVE! I KEEP CLEANING OTHER PEOPLE'S TOILETS!!") even if you've never actually seen me have the meltdown. Meltdowns. It's what I do. Then I pull up my big girl pants and DEAL. WITH. IT.

We made the decision to sell the house we owned and take advantage in the upswing in the market, in order to pay off everything and be completely debt free. Yes, we knew that this meant that we wouldn't have a house. Our plan was to move into a rental, save some money, and build up a down payment for what would be our long-term home. In looking for a rental, we ran into this caretaking thing. We could save a lot more money by caretaking than by just renting, in what was just named the "hottest rental market in the country." Yep, it really was named that, and rental prices have skyrocketed around here. Bottom line? Limp Bizkit might have done it for the nookie, but us? Show us the money, baby.

Once you start saving money, you get a little addicted to doing it. We're totally out of debt, so we're just paying rent (at a third of what our mortgage was), utilities, food, and car maintenance (which we all know I don't do regularly except put gas in the tank). We aren't buying a lot of anything right now because we don't want to pack it up and move it. We live in Colorado so really, entertainment is mostly free because LOOK OUTSIDE. So far, we've socked away more than what I made my first year out of college as a social worker. Seriously. Also, yes, social workers starting wage is not much more than what their clients earn. Another topic, another day (side eye to YOU, professional basketball players!)

It's hard to go back. We break even (including movers, moving trucks and rent) at 6 weeks in one place. One day more than that and we're saving money - even in this last move, as our agency reimbursed us the cost of the rental truck this time due to the troubles. Oh, and yes, that's the deal. We pay to move each time. It's just the way it is... and yes, I've heard all the "they should pay to move you!" stuff. Maybe so, maybe not, but that's not the way the agency sets it up.

Add to it the actively-looking-to-buy-something-so-hard-pressed-to-sign-a-lease thing. We're in and out of these houses that are for sale, but it also means we can GET OUT. Listen, if we find the most perfect house in happy-hippy-ville with unobstructed views of the mountains and deer that frolick through the yard and a place for a garden and a chicken coop, we're dropping this gig like a hot rock. Alternatively, if we find five acres in the forest and a builder who can construct the most open concept home ever with a large closet in the master bedroom, we dabble along in this until the house is finished on its own timeframe without having to worry about the landlord wondering when we're getting out.

So yea, for the moment, we're still in. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to turn the hot tub on.

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