Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekday Skiing

View from the Continental Divide over Loveland Pass
A week ago, while leaving Eric home to rest and recouperate, I engaged in the time honored Colorado tradition of actually taking a day off work and going skiing. You know, like I actually live here and can do that kind of thing. Prior to this, I had only ever been skiing in Colorado on a weekend, with the tourists and the weekend pricing.

I like this day off thing better.

MaryJane and I met up just off the highway and headed to Loveland for the day. Loveland isn't one of the more famous ski resorts - it's just lifts in the mountains along the Continental Divide, perfect for day tripping townies like we had just become. Best yet, no one there made fun of my skis, which are the same ones my parents bought for me in 1992 and I've never replaced and continue to use even though they are old and outdated and people on the higher end mountains make fun of me. I don't care - make fun! The less money I put into equipment, the more I can buy lift tickets.

It was a great day! Sunny and pretty warm, and few people out skiing on a Thursday. Conditions weren't pristine, since it's been so warm, and the snow was thin in places, but we didn't care, it was good to be out.

MaryJane, my gracious skiing companion
Granted, I fell. Like, a lot. I don't know what my deal was, but unlike when I went skiing with my mom at Breck in January, I wasn't feeling confident and just kept going down. I looked silly next to MaryJabe, who is just s much better athlete than I am. I got tired quicker, was slower, and well, got a lot snowier! Good thing she's gracious and put up with me.

After lunch, we checked out some Demi skis a ski shop from Boulder were loaning out.

Well shoot.

Turns out I can ski a lot faster and better on new skis. I still bit it once, but that was mostly because I was watching MaryJane on her demos, and not paying attention.

Crap, maybe those people making fun of me DID have a point (but they shouldn't make fun of me anyway.)

I might have fallen a little in love with a pair of K2's, although they might not I. The end be the best skis for the long term. There were also a pair of Head's that both MJ and I wouldn't have taken back if someone gave them to us...

We listened to our better angels though, and ended the day without buying new skis, despite them being on sale.

On the way home, I dropped MaryJane and her gear off at the park-n-ride. Getting on the on-ramp to the highway, I heard a sliding and skittering.

Guess who forgot to re-lock the roof rack after taking down MaryJane's skis?

Fortunately, I was able to pull over, off the shoulder, and run down the on-ramp and retrieve them before someone ran them over.

Not that it mattered. Apparently antique skis, and specifically their bindings, don't bounce well.

I swear I did not do this on purpose. K2-love not withstanding.
And, considering that 1) at some point we'd like to buy a house again, and 2) I just spent a crap-ton of money fixing, not once, but twice, the mess my ex-dentist created of my back tooth (different topic, different day), I'm not purchasing new skis anytime soon. Like probably not this decade.

Anyone got any coupons for rentals?

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