Monday, March 21, 2016

Buy My Stuff, Please!

So, in just over a week, we're moving.

I have no idea where we're moving to.


To the fifth house in a year.

I won't lie, this one smarts a little bit. Really, for a couple of reasons, namely, I SPECIFICALLY asked my agency for the weirdest, most dated, chopped up house that would be sure to stay on the market for a while. And they did. It even had a completely dilapidated roof that needs to be replaced, sooner than later. And then we moved in. And then it sold.

Apparently, we make these places look good.

Add to it, we put offer in on a house, which was low but fair, given the incredible amount of work involved in fixing up the current outdated, dump-ified (yep, that's my word for it. Yes, I made it up, but I find it fitting.) condition, and we're told in no uncertain terms, the sellers "hated" our offer. They didn't even counter. We then put an offer in on some land. They countered. We had two different builders come out and look at it. The second builder walked the land with us in depth, and pointed out significant problems that would result in cost over-runs and seriously limit where and what we could build. We wrote all of this out, and sent it to the owners with a request that they take this into account and that we would be interested in purchasing, but at a different price point. They never responded.

Everything else on the market are dirty cubic zirconias trying to be passed off as diamonds, and at that cost.

So, given that we have to pay movers 65 days after the last time we paid them, I'm staging a little protest, in the form of a garage sale. Screw it, I'm selling it all. As Eric says, if we're not sleeping on it, it's on offer. We have no intention on taking this stuff to wherever (if-ever) we finally land, and I'm tired of schlepping it around.

But that doesn't mean that you might not LOVE this stuff!  Take a look below, or better yet, come over on Friday and test drive any of this stuff, see the smaller things I didn't photograph, buy it all and take it home.

Leather - that's sexy, right? What you can't see is
that this beauty reclines, all in one piece.
Headrest removable, leather on the arms is a
little cracked, but I conditioned it recently.
$100 OBO.


Set of 4 folding tables. Solid wood, rarely used.
They are scratched in places, from, wait
for it, moving them from place to place.
Lots of possibilities - take them as it, sand them
and restain, or paint them!
$30 OBO

Eric has an irrational hatred of this lamp.
I think it insulted his mother, but I'm sure
it will like YOUR mother better.

Look! A tall dresser! This dresser has history.
It was Eric's when he was a kid, and still
has the marker drawing in the inside
because he liked to practice cursive on the
furniture... that or they didn't keep paper
in the house, I never asked. Its been refinished,
with new hardware, but we kept the chip
in the 2nd drawer's corner for posterity.
$70 (for $71, Eric will autograph it)
Look! A dresser! With drawers! Put stuff in here you don't
want other people to see, or that you are tired of having on
the floor.
$30 because I got it in college

TV. Good for cartoons, or Blackfish.
Toshiba 40 inch. Works great, nothing wrong
with it, other than it's my vehicle to make my husband
watch socially conscious documentaries.
$100 - cause its like new, and Eric says that
price is a steal!
We used this as a bedside table until this house
when we started using it as a tv stand because
I ran out of other furniture. That's someone's
dirty handprint on the front (from a showing, I assume,)
but if you buy it, I'll clean it,
The top has a weird half circle stain on it like
someone left a leaky can of stain on it,  but I'm
sure you are super handy and can totally deal with that.

Don't be fooled. There is one bar stool in the
photo, but a total of 4 identical ones are for sale!
Buy the set (which were painted 2 years ago
over solid wood of questionable provenance) for

End table, magazine rack, cabinet, and now, TV stand.
Is there anything this piece can't do?? $25 OBO

Solid wood and some fancy cloth chair and
foot rest. They're in great shape - don't
let the shadows fool you, I took the photos
at night and I'm too lazy to reshoot.
$125 OBO

Solid wood table. It's been around for a while but this is one
high quality item. The top is now a little discolored in one place,
but it will safely hold up your average WWE wrestler, and weighs
about the same. $50 OBO

Beautiful desk in 4 pieces, plus chair and roller mat.
Weighs approximately that of a small elephant, but
as long as you have friends (or a larger elephant),
you can totally get this to your place.
$300 for everything

Another view of the desk that sunk the Titanic and for
whom Eric's heart will go on. He'll never let go...
unless you bring cash.

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