Monday, June 1, 2015

That Anxious Feeling...

Post-race messiness
So, I'm not going to lie; I'm sitting here at work, and I shouldn't be on my blog, but I had to write this down to hopefully help with the anxiety I am currently feeling. I was sitting here, working away, when someone walked by with a banana. That's when I realized...

Somewhere in my house, there is a banana.

On May 4, Eric and I ran the Spartan Military Sprint. 4.8 miles of rocks, trails, and obstacles. This was .8 more miles than Eric was expecting, and came as a surprise to both of us... while we were standing at the starting gate stretching. The announcer came over the loud speaker and said "Spartan Nation, are you ready for 4.8 miles of insanity??" to which Eric looked at me with bug eyes and said "4.8 miles! YOU SAID THIS WOULD BE 4!" Well, it was 4 two years ago when I last ran it... apparently they changed the course?

Banana not shown

Anyway, we did it. We even got stuck out on the course for a nearly an hour when a thunderstorm came through and they shut us down. Once they cleared us, we finished the course, muddy, dirty, and bruised to the point where Eric looked at me and said "You really need to wear long sleeves and pants for a while, or people are going to think you were attacked."

Going through the finish line, I was handed, among other things, a banana. The banana got pretty dirty, because I was dirty and was carrying it, but it came back to the house with me and into the kitchen. I'm not a fan of bananas, so I didn't eat it, but I didn't throw it away either. Eric didn't eat it. I thought about making banana bread, which I do like.

At some point, I tossed the banana temporarily into a drawer because there was going to be a house showing and I didn't want a dirty banana on the countertop (one more thing I never thought I would write: dirty banana).

At 10:18 in the morning several weeks later, I am fully confident that banana is still in a drawer somewhere in the kitchen.

I don't know which drawer, and I don't know the condition of the nearly month-old banana. I do not recall a banana odor in the kitchen, even as of this morning.

However, I am pretty sure that banana is there. How do I do these things? How does a mostly functional human being FORGET ABOUT A BANANA... FOR ALMOST A MONTH?? 


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