Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What the Crap Did We Sign Up For?

Last night I had a nightmare that the house we just moved into sold before we closed on the house we still currently own. I dreamed the owner of the home had somehow told us and I had to tell the caretaker organization, who didn't know. I told a person in the organization I had never met, and she was like, "ok, get out," and didn't have anywhere for us to go, and didn't care. She was just like "ok, get out," and I kept thinking "It's over before it ever even started and I don't even know you!"

Well, you don't have to have gone to therapy school like I did to know where that dream came from, do ya? Sometimes dreams are layered, complex, and enigmatic... and sometimes they just cut to the chase and tell you straight out the nut-bag anxiety you are having.

Apparently my sub-conscience and my rational, cognitive thought-process are like the neighbors we had across the street in the Monument house. We knew they were there, but we never met.

We will be fine. If the house sells, we'll go live in another one. I can pack the entire house up in a couple days, and I will be specifically asking for Tony and Dominic from 2 Men and a Truck to move us, this time including all of our boxes so we don't kill our friends. Saving $1000/month in rent is totally worth it, and it's a total trip living in multiple places we couldn't otherwise afford (did I mention the house we're in right now is on the market for over 1/2 million dollars? Yea, I can't afford that, but I'll sure as heck live there for dirt cheap rent!)

All of this I needed to repeat to myself several times when the realtor's office called today saying that they opened the house up for showings again today, contacted the 5 realtors that had inquired about the house, and that there would be someone coming through at 4:30pm.


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