Sunday, April 26, 2015

Poop, on Balance

Since the poop-post, we've gotten a number of questions about "why we would put up with that (septic backflow in the basement of a rental, rodent remnants in the closet, cleaning the dirt build-up from a home that sat empty for a year, etc.)?"

The simplest answer is this: You can put up with a lot when you are paying dirt cheap rent.


So, when we sold our house, as I've mentioned, we got into a bit of a frenzy to try to find a place to live. One of the places that we found was with an organization that moves you in to homes that are for sale, and you keep it up (cleaned, staged, etc.) in exchange for inexpensive rent.

To give you a comparison, I'm now paying less rent for this house, which is on 5.5 acres that backs to a mountain, than I was paying for that tiny, crummy, loud, apartment in Castle Rock when we first moved here.

In fairness too, while at some other point I will share more about the general oddities we have found in this house, it is NOT, by far, a bad place to live. We have no idea how long we'll be here, and yes, tomorrow a set of workers are coming over to take out the bottom two feet of the drywall in the basement and replacing it because of, you know, the poo, but this could have happened anywhere. Including any of the other rentals that we looked at that we would have paid more than double the rent for. We're saving a ton of money, and the company will place us in another for-sale home if/when this one sells. It's not totally convenient to move again, but the money is worth it. Plus! We get to live in some interesting places and maybe even test out environments where we think we "might" want to live without making a commitment.

So... not bad. It works for the place we're at in life right now. Its a new adventure.

Even if the adventure involves poop. But hopefully not MORE poo than we have experienced thus far (note: there is still nothing in the basement, and may never be.)

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