Friday, April 17, 2015

Because We Can't Just Do ONE Thing...

Two Men and a Truck. Willing to move in slush.
We moved. Yesterday. Well, at least our furniture did. We moved some of our boxes and will move the rest on Sunday. Thank goodness for Two Men and a Truck. I would have been a very cranky, unhappy, and likely, in pain, camper without them. Plus I would have had to sell all our furniture because I can't pick most of it up, and I'm kind of done with the "killing our friends because we hauled a sideboard together" thing.

Last night, we got a foot of snow, and I discovered at 10:15pm that there is absolutely no water pressure in the bathroom shower (more on the house, the circumstances we find ourselves in, etc. in a later post). It would have been more effective to put my head in the sink.

Yesterday at 5ish. This is our new yard for now.
Today, I am at work. I may or may not have left my hairbrush at the old house, and generally feel grimy from showering in a trickle. But I'm here, prepping for the biggest rollout in the history of the office that starts on Monday, as well as an all-day training I am facilitating on a different, but related topic, on Monday. I was on the phone from 8am until 11:30am with different trainer groups from different regions around the world, and have been taking these kinds of calls all week (thank goodness for co-workers who covered for me Weds and Thurs evenings for the 8pm Asia calls).

We have Shar'Niese here, visiting from Indiana. Last week, Christina came to visit from Alabama.

My stomach decided it had enough of all the drama and noise this morning, and is launching quite a revolt against me today. Which has not stopped me from drinking coffee anyway, since I need something on order of jet fuel to finish strong.


This morning. Note the change in snowfall.

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