Monday, December 8, 2014

We went to Thailand

Yep, I'm behind... but stuff happens.

At the end of September, I met Eric in Thailand. He had gone the week before to the General Assembly for YFC, leading young staff. I met him at the end of the trip, and we stayed on. We spent a day in Bangkok, then flew up to Chiang Mai, where we met up with my co-worker and friend, Adele. Adele, as it turns out, it super fun to travel with and didn't mind schlepping us around Northern Thailand. We had a grand time, and even crossed into Burma and Laos for a bit of time.
Water Taxi in Bangkok, taken from our own water taxi

Water shuttle for the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok, turning around mid-canal
At the Flower Market in Bangkok. The best time to go is early morning, but it was still interesting to see all the fruits, vegetables, and, of course, flowers that were for sale, even mid-afternoon when we were there. 
The confluence of rivers where the countries of Thailand, Burma, and Laos meet, called the Golden Triangle.
In the "special economic zone" in Laos. We  crossed into Laos by tiny boat.
At the Northern Border of Thailand with my friend Adele. 
Adele at one of many coffee shops we visited in Thailand. We all like coffee. Note the ancestor worship shrine behind her.
The White Temple, just outside Chiang Mai. Done in white plaster with mirror mosaic, the White Temple was damaged by an earthquake last year (note the tipped over spire in the back), but is still open and accessible.  
The fanciest bathroom building I have ever seen, especially for squatty-potties, at the White Temple. No, I'm not kidding - this really is just the restroom.

Night outside a temple in Chiang Mai. 

Somewhere in Northern Thailand, along the road to Mai Chan, where we spent the night,

Coffee shop outside a tea plantation in Northern Thailand.

Tea plantation outside Mai Chan, Northern Thailand. 

The Flower Hotel grounds, in Mai Chan, where we spent the night,

Sunset, somewhere in Northern Thailand. We always knew where we were headed, even if we didn't know where we were at the moment. Fun to have someone that is willing to explore and get "lost" with you!

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