Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Children in Thailand

The kids take their shoes off before they go
into the building.
While we were in Thailand, we had the opportunity to visit a child development project close to the northern border of Thailand and Burma. This relatively rural area in Chiang Dao, has a church of only 44 parishioners, but hosts 150 children 6 days a week.

We had an opportunity to talk to the pastor of the project, and see a bit of the lessons in action. There's a story there (that I won't show photos of), of Adele and I playing "gourd golf" in front of the kids. Gourd golf involves tying a long gourd around your waist and swinging it at golf balls... silly, irreverent, and the kids loved it.

It was Eric's first time visiting a project, and he was SO excited to play with the kids. He jumped right into a soccer game (much to their surprise), threw on a jersey (around his neck only, it was WAY too small for him), and there he went. He convinced me to jump in and play volleyball with some girls, and then he jumped in as well. The kids are more reserved than Eric was expecting (e.g. he didn't get to be a human jungle gym) but it was fun to interact with the kids and step into their world for a few minutes. It was also good to see the project and hear the heart of the pastor. He has a vision for serving migrant workers from Burma in his community. Amazing heart for his world!

Us, the project pastor, and a volunteer who translated for us (and gave up his Saturday to be with us.) 

Eric playing soccer with the boys.
Eric and the boys
Playing volleyball with the girls.

Future Olympians.

How cute are these girls!

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