Friday, July 4, 2014

Lobsters and Lighthouses

Colorado is not the only awesome place on Earth.

I know, shocking, right?

We headed out of our mountain-state home for a brief sojurn into the flatter, outside world. Destination: Connecticut by way of New York for my cousin's* wedding, then on to Cape Cod.

* You have to understand that in my world, when I say "cousin," I mean my family member in every way except biology. I am the oldest of nine of us in this clan of our choosing whom we refer to as "The Jets" (yes, an homage to West Side Story that dates from before I was born.) Since we've known each other since birth, grew up together, celebrate about every holiday together, refer to our collective parents as "aunts" and "uncles," it is just infinitely easier and appropriate to refer to ourselves as "cousins" rather than trying to explain otherwise. We love and support each other in ways that often go past what each of our representative biological families sometimes do, and have an unwritten, albeit quite real, pact, that, no matter what, we'll be there for each other. One of us could have a wedding on the moon and we'd all show up, 'nuf said.

The wedding was on Saturday evening, and John and Reid chose a park with a <<squee!>> lighthouse and Long Island Sound as their nuptial backdrop, with the reception held on the same grounds in the vintage pavillion which featured << double squee!>> an antique carousel. The weather was perfect, the company was great, and the food....

Oh the food.

Sadly, one of Colorado's (few) shortcomings is that you can't get an amazingly fresh meal like this.
I'd never been to a "beach wedding" before, but this was a fun way to start! Of course, that meant I needed a new dress AND new shoes, because you just CAN'T go to a beach wedding wearing just anything, it needs to be just the right combination of wedding attire and beachy casual, and obviously I needed a pair of wedges because I would have just tripped and fell on my way up to do the reading I assigned had I been wearing heels. Really, it was a matter of safety.

Wedding Day on the beach

Antique Carousel.

Oldest "Jet Kids" and newest generation of Jets.

Sunset at Lighthouse Point Park. Gorgeous Jet woman not regularly included.

 After the wedding, after a day of hanging out with more of the Jets, we headed to Cape Cod via Providence with my parents. We walked on Cape Cod National Seashore, and took a whale watching cruise, where we saw both fin and humpback whales.

We even stopped at a fish market for lunch, and evaluated the possibility of purchasing, cooking, and eating an 11 or 13 pound lobster. I didn't know lobsters CAME in 11 and 13 pounds, but apparently, they do AND you can eat them. I bet they are delicious, however, we didn't end up buying the monster.

He may have escaped our boiling pot, but he'll be someone's dinner for sure!

Mmm, lobster rolls!
We packed that and the travel to/from the East Coast, into 5 days. Loved it!


  1. I used to live on Long Island and know those lighthouses well... Got to love non-family-family time, especially when it happens in beautiful places (even outside of CO).

    1. Goodness! Seems that the "only" place you haven't lived is Colorado... and I have this feeling that someday you will correct that!