Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hail No, Deer Yes


Hail No's had a bit of a mishap.

Eric was on a storm that looked really good, so he took off for Kansas. The storm didn't behave the way he expected, and four hours away from home, Eric abandoned his date with Dorothy.

He'd just put away his gear, and was headed back when....

Mule deer.

Out of nowhere, apparently on a suicide mission.

This thing took out the hood, the driver's side headlight, quarter panel, front door, back door, AND, if that wasn't enough, the single piece of the car that runs from the hood, over the doors, and to the back quarter panel. A crap-ton of damage.

Fortunately, Eric was ok.

Fortunately, we have insurance. The insurance folks decided that the deer ran into Eric, and not the other way around, so the claim is covered under our comprehensive policy, so it won't affect our rates.

The best part? Just body damage, nothing structural.

The worst part?

Freaking dear ran off and there's no venison. I told Eric that if he'd bring it home, I'd butcher it in the yard. No, I've never done that before, but I grew up in Michigan and know enough hunters to have a conceptual idea of how it's done. I have no idea if my knives are sharp enough, and don't know if I'm strong enough to cut through pelt and wild animal muscle, but I'd give it a shot. Too bad.

Instead, we just have the deductible, and no deer steak.

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