Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Out

We turned on CNN this evening to Mariah Carey self-promoting her memoir on Anderson/Andy’s New Year’s Eve special, which is about as #2020 as it gets. 

It’s kind of amazing, that 2020 universally sucked as bad as it did. Misery is most frequently a solitary experience, and there is something in that we all experienced this, alone and together at the same time. In reality, tomorrow, Jan 1, will be no different than today, but the fact that it’s a new year is meaningful. We survived, mostly.

This year included days on the couch where I couldn’t get up from sadness and fear, runs into the mountains that felt so good I didn’t want to come down, weeks without seeing another person I wasn’t married to, camping with views of vistas that had to be seen to be believed, 15 hour work days where I felt like there was so much left undone at the end of the day, precious time at home with my guy, women in my life who lifted each other up and kept each other going, moments of crippling anxiety... all of it.

What is a bit fun is that at the end of each year, no matter how bad it was, we built in a celebration. Not only does the world celebrate, but Eric and I get our own special celebration, our wedding anniversary. 

We celebrate 18 this year. 18 years of ups and downs, of adventures and homecomings, of times we didn’t know we would last one more hour let alone one more day, of times we couldn’t be closer. We are imperfect people choosing to do life together, and I love the man I am doing this life with. 

We often spend our anniversary just the two of us, do this year, with fondue from a local place and Times Square on the TV, isn’t that different. But we also appreciate the select group of people we have spent our anniversary with- all except 2 in 18 years we are still in touch with: Matt, Javis (and girlfriend at the time whose name we don’t remember)Megan, Brian, Laurel, Adam, Tim, Susan, Amy, Allan, Krista and Steve. Thanks for being in our corner and celebrating with us.

Happy New Year, everyone. May the best of 2020 be the worst of 2021.

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