Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Yard Life

I have several blog posts started, and unfinished, because there's a lot I might want to say about life in America right now, but can't quite get it out. Suffice it to say, its sad and hard and I feel discouraged about a lot of things, in particular, how we seem to have lost the ability to care for each other.

However, until I figure out what I want to say, let me tell you about the yard life around here. The hummingbirds are currently entranced with our feeders, a pheonomena that just started yesterday, but has lots of them coming for a snack all day long. Since the one feeder is in the middle of our kitchen window, I have a full on view of our visitors. Did you know hummingbirds have tongues? They do, and I can see them licking their beaks!

This evening, we also had a mama deer and not one, but TWO babies! They had dinner, and now the babies are wrapped up like tiny cinnamon rolls, taking a full on snooze in our yard. Eric is out on a storm and has the good camera, so I don't have great photos. But basically all work has stopped around the house and I'm just staring at these little guys. I might be in love.

I mean, what's not to love about these tiny faces???

Sleep well little guys. And mama, I'm available for babysitting.
The barely discernible blobs in the center are
our new twins.

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