Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Estes Park (Obligatory Colorado is Awesome, Part... Again)


You will ask, What is Estes Park?... Such as it is, Estes Park is mine. It is unsurveyed "no man's land,"and mine by rights of love, appropriation, and appreciation; by the seizure of its peerless sunrises and sunsets, its glorious afterglow, its blazing noons, its hurricanes sharp and furious, its wild auroras, its glories of mountain and forest, of canyon, lake, and river, and they stereotypying them all in my memory.
- Isabella L. Bird, A Lady's Life in the Rockies
Two weekends ago, Eric and I travelled up to Estes Park on a Saturday with our friends Laurel (yep, my trusty PT!) and Adam. Eric and Adam had purchased a fly-fishing trip, and were finally going to try on waders and see what they could catch. Eric and I then took our pop-up to a campsite and made the night there while Laurel and Adam celebrated their first anniversary at the Stanley Hotel. Happy anniversary you two! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!
We had a ton of fun. Eric and Adam really get along, and Laurel and I make a good hiking team - we hike at about the same pace, and we're both really ok with stopping and taking photos along the way. Hey, you have to stop and look around, or you might miss something!


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