Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fish, Easter, Births

I'm a little behind. It's been a busy two weeks, but not THAT busy...

Last week, I was in Florida. Now, before you get all jealous and think "beach party," let me clarify that I was in South Florida for work. My hotel did not have a view of the ocean, or the inter-coastal. I walked on the beach for exactly five, glorious minutes after the sun went down but before it got totally dark, then went back to my hotel room and prepped for three straight days of training South American staff. I learned that everyone who ever lived in New York or New Jersey has apparently moved to South Florida and opened an Italian restaurant and/or pizza shop. I had NO idea how hard it was to order fish in Florida!

Working backwards...

We had an Easter celebration at our house, and not just because I gave up "everything fun," as Eric says, for Lent. I love celebrating Easter, and really enjoyed having people over. I learned that I can cook for 19 adults, 5 toddlers, and 2 infants, and still have a freezer full of leftovers. Thank goodness for freezer space, since I left right after Easter for the above mentioned Florida-non-fish-eating-avoid-the-cream-sauce trip.

Slightly further back...

I turned 35. I really, REALLY dislike celebrating my birthday, don't like the attention for being born (since, best I can tell I had very little to do with that), and am dreading 35 like only a woman who has no children and is acutely aware of what 35 means to everyone who has a keen eye for biological clocks. Not looking forward to those inevitable conversations with near strangers this year. However, since Eric insists that he loves me and other people do too (which is true, but that speaks more to their ability to love a screwed up neurotic bag o' insecure mess than it says anything about me), he took me out for sushi with friends, which was super fun and made the day tolerable. At least it stopped the meltdown brought on by the prospect of being halfway through my 30's had produced that morning. Can I get a "suck it up, cupcake" over here?

The funnest part of April 19 is that now, in addition to sharing the day with my birthday-twin Christine (we don't talk about the number of years that labor took), I have another little friend to share the day (and the attention!) with. Our friends Karalee and Matthew's new daughter Felicity decided that April 19 was a great day to make her debut. And I am just fine with that! Oh, and Chris... sorry I didn't call you. I was drowning in one selfish mess of self-pity. Hope you had a great day!

Last reverse move...

My sister and her husband came in to visit for a weekend. We had a fabulous time together, which of course was WAY too short, but I will take what I can get! I think we wore them out, driving them all over the state, showing them anything we thought might be remotely interesting to them. Colleen - I promise, if you come again, we'll make the trip more relaxing!

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