Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super Heroes

So, I harbor this secret fantasy that someday, I will develop super powers. I don't know which super powers they would be, flying, ability to move large object, telepathy... but I think I would like something akin to levitation, at the least. Sometimes, I get excited and/or irritated enough to think that it is quite possible that I would lift off the ground. How cool would that be - to rise up, move around...

When I was a kid, I used to dream I could fly. It was a recurring dream, and it was always on a beach (I assume, that since I grew up in Michigan, it was the beaches of Lake Huron) at sunset. I would sort of flap my arms, and start moving up and swooping around. Awesome.

Several years ago, I noticed this thing on my back. I removed it, with care, but it came back several times.

It might be best described as a quill.

No kidding.

It was this thick, bright white, hair that seriously hurt and was sticking STRAIGHT OUT of my shoulder blade. Seriously, it looked like a quill, or at least the start of one.

Dang it. Of all the super heroes, I get to be Porcupine Girl?


What good is that super power? Quills? What, when confronted with a villain, I can... curl in a spiky ball?

It eventually went away and has never come back, but seriously?!?

There's probably a good reason we don't have superpowers...

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