Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This Guy = 40!

Southern California
 My best friend turns 40 years old today.

This guy.


Maybe in age, but youthful as ever in spirit, in love, in adventure.

Plus, 40 just isn't that old.

Happy birthday Eric, I love you!

Learning about
Global Warming
In honor of this guy, I thought I would post some of my favorite photos from the last year (which may come out all scattered because I have yet to figure out how to upload photos well to Blogger). Isn't he handsome?? Doesn't he know how to have fun?? Isn't he always engaged?

He's a pretty great soul. So much so, that it could just be me that wished him a happy birthday... so we all got together for the following video. This is post is going up now because I sent it to him this morning to give him some time to see it first (it IS his birthday, after all). What he doesn't know is the amazing outpouring of love from OTHERS who love and care for him, but weren't able, for whatever reason (like the fact that I didn't ask for submissions until a week before Christmas, and people had competing demands on their time!) to send in a video.

Thanks to all those who were able to secretly get me a video! They are all here, including the "outtakes" at the end! The video is long (like 31 minutes worth) but I wasn't going to NOT include everyone who sent something!

Bag of Emimens for Halloween

Reading important stuff with Tess

With some buddies!

On the way to Pancake Rocks

In Joshua Tree

Favorite cactus,
the cholla

Petrified Forest
This guy. Love him SO much.

Route 66

Hiking the Rainbow
Digging for Rock
Man's best friend

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