Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Roid Rage

So, one little thing that I forgot to mention about our move week, and I share this with permission. As you may know, we are apparently incapable of just doing one thing at a time. So, while I was having my teeth ground away, poor Eric was in with the orthopedist, seeing about a long-standing pain he has had in his shoulder (most likely from the years and years of football). The orthopedist gave him a steroid shot in the area of the pain and told him to come back in two weeks if things didn't improve.


We were already operating on high levels of anxiety, what with not having a place to go at the moment. Eric spent the evening looking online at potential housing options. I went to bed a bit early, because I had an early morning call with my African colleagues. Eric came to bed late.

When I got up in the wee early hours of the morning, Eric was up with me. "I've been awake for hours! I've emailed seven property managers, did a virtual tour of 14 places, and mapped out everywhere I need to visit today. My heart rate laying down is 115."

Oh dear.

See, the side effects of a steroid shot are increased anxiety (yup), increased heart rate (yep), restlessness (yep), etc.

Combine this with one of the already higher-anxiety times in our marriage and Eric's AD/HD bent?


Between the steroid shot and my antics, I almost killed my husband.

Let's hope "next time" isn't quite this stressful, but let's also plan on no more doctor's trips, shall we?

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