Monday, October 5, 2015

The Inevitable, Maybe

It happened.

You knew it was going to at some point, right?

We went under contract at the end of September. Our homeowner emailed Eric that he was trying to work something out (which we've heard before) but then emailed a couple of hours later to share with us that he was under contract and closing was set for Nov 2. I called the caretakers organization, who of course, had not heard from the realtor. It was several days later before a lackey in their office called me to inform us. He reported that someone would be by to drop off a radon test, and that the buyers were from California but in town this weekend so they wanted to do another walk through of the house on Sunday. Additionally, the inspector would be coming to the house on Tuesday, and would pick up the radon test at that time.

Which of course meant that when we got home on Sunday evening. The inspector, realtor, septic guys and buyers showed up on Monday, and the buyers live in Denver, not California.

Anyway, I'm exceedingly calm about the prospect of moving. We have plan A (go to another caretaker's appointment), plan B (rent somewhere else), and an emergency plan (crash with someone until we get in somewhere.) I have Two Men and a Truck reserved, and I have a storage facility identified that has a place I can put the boxes that have been in the garage, so we don't have to keep moving them from place to place. I have already begun packing and realized that there is very little that can't be packed up in a day or so. In reality, until the house clears the appraisal, and we are totally sure that the buyer isn't going to walk, there is only so much packing I should do.

Now, that's not to say that the house isn't giving us a brilliant rendition of "last call." No, I have a feeling this will be a multi-staged affair, and we've only just begun to see what the finale will look like.

This weekend, I was working in the kitchen, and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to see a squirrel climbing the screen on the doorwall, several feet up, and heading for higher ground. I'm lucky he was on the outside and not the inside.

Today, while in a meeting, I got an email from Eric. That inspection? Well, they tested the well.

Bacteria in the water.

Good thing I haven't packed too much yet. In the interim, I'm glad for the additional filters we use, but I'm going to start boiling our water, just in case.

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