Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Kid on the Block

So, we have a new neighbor. And I have to admit, he's gotten under my skin a little bit. He showed up the night before the Zolman's arrived at our house (blog forthcoming, but we've had 2 weeks straight of company!), and has occasionally wandered through our backyard, uninvited, since then.

Eric is on the road this week, and uninvited guests make me ever so slightly nervous. I'm usually good with staying by myself, but, I'm not kidding you, two night ago I had dreams of bears, lions, and mountain lions cavorting in our yard. Apparently, in my dreams, mountain lions and regular old lions like to hang out, and they invite their bear friends along.

Ok, he's heading around the back of our house... and according to the timestamp
on the photo, our guests Maddy, Emily, and I were sitting in the
living room talking when he strolled by the window!
Bears don't climb houses or decks, right? Because I lock up the first floor before going to be every night, but I leave the second floor deck door-wall open...


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