Monday, October 6, 2014

Mad Season

The last couple months have truly been a mad season. For multiple reasons I don't care to go into at the present moment, I have found it impossible to blog, to the point that I wrote a "I give up on blogging" post, which all of 5 people saw, and since has been deleted. I needed a break, not that many noticed, given that there is a dearth of regular readership on this sad little blog. There have been things I have felt have been impossible to say in a public way, and so I won't even try.

There have been funny posts that haven't been written. I don't know if they will, or if the subject matter is now too far in the past to do so.

But we went to Thailand for 2 weeks, and that was good. I'll write about that some time in the near future.

I'm not ready to be done with this writing thing just yet.

But it's been a mad, mad season.

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