Saturday, March 22, 2014

The "Rest of the Story?"

I've gotten a number of questions about blog post I've written lately, so I thought I would check in with some follow-ups. In no particular order, and with no particular connections, here you go!

We are still pet-less, or "pet-free" as I like to think of it. Sorry, honey...

Yep, really did eat all that stuff, and this stuff too. This was the menu one night:

Note that "Ox Balls" is NOT an exotic meat... go figure!
Yes, I'm serious about not eating Chicken (obviously written AFTER I ate everything on the menu above.) Sorry B-Dubs lovers!

Lent Started, and I have been 2 weeks and three days without a cookie. I'm sure my rear end thanks me for it, but I certainly haven't noticed a difference. Man I talk about food a lot in this blog...

Guilt is pretty much resolved, however, I'm no closer to having anything else living in our house but us. I can barely take care of the plants. Additionally, my mental tirade at people who feel it necessary to comment on some of my friend's Facebook posts with drivel like, "you think you're tired now? Wait till you have kids!" (or "wait until you have two/three, etc.) and the like is probably worth a post at some other point. Thanks for your sensitivity on that one.

Oh yes, and as for this post, which has received more hits than any other, I fired the chiro in a three-page letter detailing my concerns, only one of which is listed here!

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